Day 3

Raven Cliff Falls 5 miles

Mom had a little fall yesterday as we were coming down the trail and hit her knee on a rock. We iced it and were going to see how it was in this morning. After testing it out she thought it would be fine so we hit the trail about 8:30  after getting a little lost. Sometimes trailheads are difficult to find.

This trail was truly amazing. It was easy to walk on and followed a river all the way up to the falls. There were also a few smaller falls along the river to enjoy as we walk up. It was really beautiful with many awesome campsite along the way. Mom even picked out a camp site she liked thinking she may want to give camping a night out a try. WOW! I was really shocked to hear this, but maybe I shouldn’t have been since I got another 5 thank yous today for bring her out here.

On our way back down the trail we must have passed about 70 people heading up. We were shocked at the number of people on the trail and even more shocked when we saw the overflowing parking. But it is a holiday weekend and was a nice day to be outside.






Day 2

Smith Creek trail to Anna Ruby Falls 10 miles

HOLY COBWEBS!!!  It really sucks to be the first person on the trail in the morning. I’m really thankful for Jim. He always goes first to clear the trail for me. Today I had to do it myself. Yuck!!

Mom, Berkley and I start the trail about 8am. I was uncomfortable because my pack was to heavy on my shoulders. It didn’t have a hip belt and I was carrying 2 camp chairs for Mom and I to sit in once we reached the falls. This was Mom’s first hike and it was a fairly long one so I wanted to make sure she had a place to sit down and rest once we reached the falls.

The journey up to the falls went pretty well. Mom debated turning around at one point when she  encounter some boulders that she had to climb over, but conqured that fear and continued on.

Once we got to the top of the falls Mom realized that she had  previously been there with Dad. That was pretty cool. We sat and relaxed by the falls enjoying a meal that I had re-hydrated. It was a beautiful and very enjoyable day.

Mom decided to hike back down the trail with me rather than have me come pick her back up at the falls. She was really enjoying being outside hiking in the mountains. She must have thanked me 5 times already for dragging her along.

On the way down the trail we ended up helping a family that hiked out from the falls thinking the Smith Creek Trail was a loop trail. They were 2 miles down the trail when one of the teenage daughters thong sandal broke. They only had 2 small bottles of water with them and defiantly not prepared or dressed for a 5 mile hike. I had some sports tape with us so we taped the shoe to her foot and told them if they wanted to continue down I could drive them back up to the falls where their car was. They opted to continue down rather than hike back up. I think that was my first little bit of trail magic that I have given to any one. It made me feel good to help.20150905_155425

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Day 1 Labor Day Weekend

OMG I am so excited I’m going hiking again. Finally! I couldn’t take it any longer. I haven’t hiked since April and having to wait until Oct is just to long.  Since I live in Florida it is really impossible to hike in the summer here. But since I  have 3 days off for Labor day weekend I planned this crazy trip to leave for Helen GA at 11pm and arrive the trailhead at 8am the next morning to start hiking. This will give me 2 full days of hiking. Perfect! So I rope Mom into this crazy idea. She loves the mountains and has been trying to get in shape to do some day hiking for her upcomimg trip to NC for the whole month of Oct. This will give us each some sleep time during the night while the other person drives. So here we go off on our crazy adventure.