Foothills Trail 2016

Sunday May 1, 2016
Jim and I are currently in Greenville, South Carolina. Yes, Jim decided to do this hike with me. It is an 80 mile hike of the Foothills Trail. But first I think I should take Jim out to Chili’s so he can indulge in a beer or two or three…maybe four before he sees the weather forcast!

My first thought when I saw the weather report last week was…OH Shit Jim is going to kill me! There is rain in the forcast! That really ramps up the “he must really love me level”.

Below is a picture of the forcast that I saw last week. He may never hike with me again.


Things have changed since then and it is a little better, but I still think we will be hiking through a lot of rain tomorrow. I will hope for the best.



After making a couple of wrong turns trying to find the Chili’s we saw Papas and Beer Authentic Mexican Restruant and the parking lot was pack! So we ditch the idea of finding Chili’s and stop here instead. It was a very good stop. It is a good sign when you walk in and the place is packed with Mexicans.

This is a picture of Jim with probable his last smile for the next few days. Beer makes him smile hiking does not!


There was a burrito challange on the menu. If you could eat the whole thing you got a free T-shirt.  And let me tell you the thing was massive times two. The picture below is the burrito Jim ordered and he couldn’t even eat half of it. The burrito challange burrito look to be about 4 times the size of this one.