Almost there

Day 10

Wednesday August 22, 2018

15 Miles Total Mileage 130

We decided last night that if it wasn’t raining in the morning we would head out early. If it was raining we would stay in bed and hide from the rain. I was awake at 4:54am and it wasn’t raining so I got those sleepyheads up and at it. We were off at 6:10 am headed down the trail. We soon caught SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT still in bed at 8:30. They were just taking it easy and had decided to take 3 days to finish up. They were shocked to see us! We got them up and moving.

Me, waiting for SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT to finish packing up after sleeping in. This lean-to had a chair in it that I took advantage of.

We were making great time today and at noon we had reached our destination for the day and decided to go another 4 miles to the next shelter. Now we will only have 8 miles to complete tomorrow.

We arrive at the shelter and it is surrounded on one side with flowers and I noticed a hummingbird flying around the flowers.

The trail was overgrown and even though it wasn’t raining hard it got the overgrowth wet and that is what really makes your socks and shoes wet and uncomfortable. We didn’t have much sun today so there is no way my shoes will be dry by tomorrow morning.

There were no really good spots to camp tonight so we were all were staying in the lean-to.

This is it. We did it!

Day 11

Thursday August 23, 2018

8 Miles Total Mileage 138

I guess there was a lot going on throughout the night and I slept through it all! It seems I was the only one that slept great. SHORTCUT got up to go to the bathroom 3 times and was so cold she was having a hard time sleeping. Amy was cold and hasn’t slept that great on her sleeping pad the whole trip. She was the first one up and starting to pack up. SOULFLOWER said she couldn’t sleep and was up until 1am. Plus there was a mouse in the house eating something and making a bunch of noise. At first SOULFLOWER thought it was Aunt Julie eating a midnight snack, but when she sat up to investigate she realized it was a mouse. She was shining her light trying to find out where it was but couldn’t see it. It was over by me somewhere. Aunt Julie also had a hard time sleeping because of all the noise and she was cold. And me…I just slept toasty warm through it all!

Yucky muddy trail.

I did later discover that there was indeed a mouse and he ate a hole through a mesh in my pack to get to a bar wrapper that I missed putting in my bear hang. Oops!

We were off early to finish up the trail. A few of us took a short side trail to a waterfall. This is where I ate my breakfast this morning.

We completed the 8 miles by 11am and my Uncle Brian came and picked us up. Then he took us for ice cream! A perfect way to end the trail. Thank you Uncle Brian.

The Katahdin girls.

I did enjoy the trail plus I had the best company. I can’t wait to get together with these girls again.

The trail was pretty flat with lots of tree cover so we didn’t get much sun. There were a good number of blowdowns that we had to go over, around or under. As well as plenty of roots, rocks and muddy areas to slow you down. I also have the most mosquito bites o think I have ever had.

Bloody toes

Day 9

Tuesday August 21, 2018

13 Miles Total Milage 115

We left the motel at 8am this morning. The motel owner was gracious enough to give us a ride back to the trailhead. Although the ride was in the back of a pick up truck. It was pretty chilly.

I’ve been pretty hungry on this trip. Yesterday I made a few purchases for breakfast this morning. I started with a fresh peach, a very large blueberry muffin and finished it off with a chocolate milk. I was full and ready to hit the trail.

We were off to a good pace and didn’t stop until noon for lunch. SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT where thinking about pressing on further than the planned stop for the day because of the forecasted rain for tomorrow. It could be an all day rain. Their plan was to hike the mileage we had planned for the last three days in two days and be in a nice dry and warm hotel room tomorrow night.

Note left by SHORTCUT and SUNFLOWER.

When we got to our planned stop and Aunt Julie took off her boots and I saw the blister I am glad we stopped here. It is really bad and bloody looking. Plus this spot is really nice. It is right on the Cold River. We were able to sit at the waters edge and soak our feet for a while.

Aunt Julie’s little toe.

This is the toe next to the little toe. A totally different blister.

Julie and I lay down early and Amy goes for a walk up the trail! Like she didn’t get enough walking. And this isn’t the first time she did this. She went for another walk one night when we finished up early.

Scary suspension bridge.

We had to cross a suspension bridge with a see through metal grate at the bottom. I was not fond of it but managed to make it across.

Aunt Julie coming across the scary suspension bridge.

I managed to loose my bear line tonight. I picked out a branch and on my third attempt to get the line over the branch my rock bag went flying into a neighboring tree and I knew immediately that I was in trouble. After giving it a yank…yup its stuck!!! I managed to save enough line for maybe a small clothes line, but I will have to make a new rock bag and buy a new line. Although I didn’t have all my line to begin with. I got part of it stuck in a tree on the AT, but I still had enough to hang a bag. Now that is no longer the case.

Me, in bed resting.

I hike and I FLY!

Day 8

Monday August 20, 2018

11 Miles Total Mileage 102

I slept in this morning. I didn’t wake up until 5:25am! 😉

The view of the lake we camped at was all fogged in this morning.

SOULFLOWER, SHORTCUT, and I all left at 6:30. We were making great time and tackled the biggest climb of the trip like champs. We had so many laughs and were just being silly. We finished up the trail taking turns blasting out tunes from out phones while doing the last couple of miles. The time went by so fast.

When we reaced the road to town we started to walk in while trying to hitch a ride. We didn’t have to walk far when 2 woman picked us up on their way back from their 4 mile day hike.

Our sea plane.

We arrived at the motel about 12:30 and were able to check right in and start our showers. My last shower was last week on Wednesday, 5 days ago. I was definitely smelly.

SHORTCUT called the front seat.

Since we were in so early we had time for another adventure…A SEA PLANE RIDE! It a blast flying around all the lakes and mountains. So much to see.

SOULFLOWER and I in the middle seats.

There were also 2 more seats behind ours.

Happy Day

Day 7

Sunday August 19, 2018

14 Miles Total Mileage 91

We were up before it was light out using our headlights to pack up. We camped in a grassy area without tree cover so we had a bit of condensation in our tents. I just used my bandana to clean most of it up. We planned to leave at 6am but didn’t get out until 6:15am. Which is pretty good for a group of 3.

The trail today was pretty woodsy and hard to follow in some areas. I really had to pay attention and make sure I was staying on the trail.

SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT were meeting us back on the trail today and would spend the night at the lean-to with us. Then we would all hike into the town of Long Lake tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a town day. Shower, laundry and food are the highlights for me.

SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT waiting on us. They just came out of town and walked in 4 miles.

Amy and Aunt Julie behind her.

I haven’t had much cell phone service along this trail but at this lean-to I had service and was able to talk to Jim. I miss you, Babydoll.😘

Wet Socks

Day 6

Saturday August 18, 2018

11 Miles Total Milage 76

Our camp spot this evening.

We had mice in the lean-to early last night. I think they realized that we didn’t have anything for them and they left us alone the rest of the night.

The girls all packed up and ready to go.

I heard a tree or tree limb fall during the night and I hoped that what I heard was not a bear getting to our food. The food bag was still in the tree the next morning undisturbed.

The trail this morning was a mud bog.

I woke up at 5am and tried to remain quite so the other girls could sleep, but the other Amy said good morning to me at 530. She is a morning person also.

Amy leading the way across a temporary bridge.

As I am laying here starting the next days blog before heading out for the day it sounds like it is still raining or it may be water dripping from the trees. If it is just water dripping from the trees it sounds like a lot of water. I could hear it raining off and on throughout the night. The rain was not forecasted to totally move out until 1pm today.🙁

Aunt Julie made it across safely.

Have I mentioned I HATE putting wet socks and shoes on! That’s up there with setting up your tent in the rain. Most of my low points on the trail involve wet weather.

Aunt Julie’s boots sitting in the sun somewhat drying out.

We started out with rain jackets on and didn’t remove them until we stopped for the day at 1pm. We stayed mostly dry except for our feet. They were wet to begin with and stayed wet because of the wet overgrowth next to the trail. There were some boggy areas but the trail was mostly flat and easy walking.

Shortly after stopping for the day the sun came out and I was able to dry my socks and shoes.😀

Spider web.

We relaxed in camp and made mileage plans for the rest of the trail. We are now over half way.

Ugly Day

Day 5

Friday August 17, 2018

11 Miles Total Milage 64 miles

Morning view at 5:40am.

Today was very ugly. The forecast was for all day rain. We were up at 5 am to get an early start. SHORTCUT and I left camp 40 minutes later to hike as many miles as we could before the rain started.

The rain was forecasted to start around 7 but didn’t start until 930. Rain really motivates SHORTCUT and she soon left me behind. I have to say it was pretty miserable, but I just put my headphones in and listened to an audio book to distract me. I arrived at the shelter at noon glad to be done for the day. Aunt Julie and Amy rolled in about 45 minutes later but they left about 35 minutes after us.

The trail was really muddy in many areas and very overgrown. It was not a fun day. Especially when the torrential downpour started. Although there were some beautiful lake views I would have enjoyed them much more if it wasn’t raining.

SHORTCUT decided to push on to the next lean-to since we arrived so early. Tomorrow she will hike into town and meet up with SOULFLOWER and get dried out. While we camp out and hope the weather is better.

Once Amy and Aunt Julie both got their boots and socks off they both had a new blister. They both popped them and will have to shove their feet into dirty wet socks and boots today so their both hoping that the blisters don’t get infected. They both have antibacterial cream and bandaids on but those can come off with things being so wet.

I enjoyed the time just hanging out with the girls in the lean to. We hung up a clothes line and tried to dry things out. We will definitely be putting on wet socks and shoes which is no fun, but our clothes have dried out.

Beautiful Day

Day 4

Thursday August 16, 2018

13 miles

SOULFLOWER ended the day with a bad blister. It was the same area that ended her hike on the Colorado Trail. So she was going to decide what to do in the morning. Upon waking we talked and came to the decision to give the area some rest. She traveled up trail a ways and will rest for a few days then meet us back on trail on Sunday.

While walking out of town I passed this old tavern built in 1860. And there was also a carriage and ice cutter on display.

Today was beautiful. The trail was nice and only overgrown in limited areas. The temperature wasn’t to high and there were very few spider webs. We also had a really nice spot for lunch. We stopped at a small creek and took the time to soak our feet while eating lunch.

Our camp tonight was a lean-to on Spruce Lake. It’s a pretty amazing view. Upon arrival I took a bandana bath in the lake with a tiny bit of soap. Then set up my tent and said a prayer that it didn’t rain. Rain was in the forcast.

Aunt Julie got her first blister today. She tripped over the dog about 1.5 weeks ago and thought she broke her big toe. It’s not broken but it is swollen and very sore. So she has been walking with a different gait that has caused a blister.

Aunt Julie and Amy relaxing in the lean-to.

View from Spruce Lake Lean-to.

Town Day

Day 3

Wednesday August 15, 2018

15 miles Total Miles completed 40

We were shocked to see SHORTCUT walk into to camp at 630pm last night. She got help for PARKING LOT who got sick and needed to get off trail then was back on trail trying to catch us and boy did she have a story to tell about all of her adventures while she was separated from us.

We spent the night in the lean to and didn’t have any mice issues at all. That is always a big worry when staying in them.

SHORTCUT and I hit the trail early before the rest of the group. SHORTCUT wanted to get to the motel as early as possible because she was going to have a lot to do since PARKING LOT decided to go home. She would have to go through resupply boxes that have been shipped and get them mailed back to Florida.

The trail today was overgrown and swampy in areas. It was not a great hiking day for me. I was leading the way and there were so many spider webs on the trail it was really frustrating me. Plus all those wet areas also make for a lot of mosquitos! I have big bites all over my legs.

SHORTCUT hiking through the overgrown trail.

There were a couple of suspension bridges that we crossed today. One of them had a few boards missing from the crosswalk.

We arrive at the motel and this is what we see next to the office door. Apparently you just pick up you key and if you need a room for the night without a reservation. We had reservations so our keys were waiting on us with our names on them.


Tuesday August 14, 2018

11.5 miles

Day 2

With rain gear on we head out and down the trail.

A light rain started yesterday at 4pm and rained until 11 am today. It wasn’t to bad since it was a light rain, but later the rain poured down on us before we made it to the lean to and continued to rain until 5pm.. We could hear thunder but could still see some blue sky so we though we would be ok. Well we weren’t!😥

We were headed to a lean to but didn’t make it before the rain started. We got poured on for about a half hour. A lean to never looked so good. We were all happy to get out of the rain.

The crew filtering water to make it safe to drink.

We lost SHORTCUT and PARKING LOT yesterday and they never made it to camp last night. I got a text today the PARKING LOT was not well. I think they took a road into town. Hopefully they will be there when we get there.


We have crossed many streams and walked around few lakes today, but didn’t get many pictures since the weather wasn’t all that nice.