Another Adventure

Sunday October 6, 2019

I’m off again. This time it is at FD Rossevelt State Park in Pine Mountain, GA. Which is about 6.5 hours from the house. It is unfortunate but I have to travel a good ways to get to any mountainous areas to hike. I chose this park because of the amout of hiking trails that I can get to from the campground itself. This way I will be able to leave the van parked for the whole weekend.

This has to be one of the most stunning campground registration offices I have ever seen. The picture below, take on one of my early morning walks, is the view from behind this building. Most mornings when I start out it is still dark so I just stick to the paved roads, which had some really good elevation. It equated to sore shins after just the first day! It may also have something to do with the number of birthday’s I’ve had or just the fact that I live in Florida at an elevation of 23 feet. I’ll blame it on both.

This lake is in the center of the campgound. Campers on one side and cabins on the other.

Generally my days started with early morning walks while Berkley was still lounging in bed. I would get in about 3-5 miles of walking in before going back to pick him up. Which is our normal routine at home. Then we would head out for another 1-4 miles depending on how much I was willing to carry him for after he decides he has enough.

The trails around the campground were well maintained and easy to walk on. I saw some interesting things on these trails. Such as a hinged door build into the hollow of a tree or a bird house way out in the middle of the woods.

Some of the campground hosts had their halloween decorations out.

Berkley spent his afternoons alternating between laying in the shade and sun.