Snowy Range

Thursday June 17, 2021

Today’s agenda was to visit snowy range and disperse camp up in the area. So after doing some grocery shopping, a trip to the fly fishing store, an oil change and wash for the van we were on our way.

The area is truly breath taking. Plus at elevations over 10,000 feet there was still a lot of snow and ice adding to the beauty.

We did some exploring on forest roads, which are mostly dirt roads, looking for a place to camp and had to turn around at some of them because of snow covering the road making it impassable.

Last year I never really explored any of these areas since I was by myself. It is way to hard to drive and look at a map at the same time. So it was a special treat to see some of these areas.

The Snowy Range area is just as beautiful as I remember it from last year. Although there is much more snow here this year.

Jim meet a fisherman in the parking lot and found out from him that 2000 rainbow trout were just released into the lake.

You could look into the water and see a bunch of them just swimming around.

Jim did end up catching one of them. It was just a young one and was released back into the water.

6 thoughts on “Snowy Range

  1. Hey Jim, the thrill of the catch is something that you are probably very familiar with but don’t you feel that it is a whole different experience when fly fishing in those beautiful crystal clear mountain streams. And what’s with the jacket? What are you — a Florida boy?

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