Rocky Mountain National Park

Friday June 18, 2021

RMNP is now requiring a timed entry permit to enter the park between the hours of 5 am and 3pm to control the crowds. Since we didn’t have one we couldn’t get into the park until 3pm today.

So I lounged in bed this morning and Jim made me a hot chocolate to sip while he made us a sausage and potato hash with eggs. Yup, I’m spoiled!

Again we had another half a mile line to get through before entering the park. Luckily this one went much laster than the last one.

Shortly after entering the park we see a mule deer then two moose. At the same spot later we see two more moose there. These two were closer so I was able to get some pictures with my cell phone camera zoomed out to the max.

We do one short and easy hike to Horseshoe Falls. This one had a nice smooth path that I could wear my sandles and Jim his flip flops. Jim is happiest with his flip flops on.

Saturday June 19, 2021

The alarm goes off at the god awful time of 3:45 this morning and we are out of camp and on the road by 4:15am.

We don’t have timed permits to enter the park so we have to go in before 5am. It is pretty dark and we see deer twice that we have to stop for. Jim is shocked at how many people most likely don’t have permits and are entering the park this early with us.

Today we hike to a few of the lakes off of Bear Lake Road. In some areas crossing snowy patches.

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. What a gorgeous country we live in. You are so fortunate to experience it’s beauty. Enjoy every bit of it and safe travels😁

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  2. WOW is all I can say. I’m so happy that you and Jim are doing this trip together because someday in future years you’ll look back and say that this was truly the trip of a lifetime.

    Liked by 1 person

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