Grand Teton

Thursday June 24, 2021

We had toward the Grand Teton NP after spending the afternoon in Jackson. The skies looked dark so we decided to make sure we could find a dispersed campsite and head there rather than tour the park.

The first area we go to is already full so we continue on and are able  to find a spot with a great view of the Tetons. We relax and watch the dark clouds around us. It eventually rains.

Friday June 25, 2021

It is 55 in the van when I wake up this morning and 39 outside. I roust little man from bed, but he doesn’t seem to happy about it. I take him for his morning walk, but I think he would rather be in bed.

The Tetons are surrounded with ground fog. It’s a beautiful morning walk with the sun shining on the mountains. By the time I get back to the van Jim is up and has a hot chocolate ready for me. We sit and enjoy our hot drinks before heading into the park.

Just after entering the park we see a very large heard of elk. A lot of them were still laying down. They had the same idea as Berkley…stay in bed!

We stop at many of the overlook areas and take a hike along String Lake.

By 10:30 things are really getting busy, there are people everywhere and parking is getting scarse.

The skies are turning dark and we head to our campsite. We have a reservation in the the park on Colter Bay. We arrive just after noon and the rain starts. Perfect timing.

I am a little sleepy so I lay down and take a nap. When I wake up we take a walk around the campground which turns out to be very big. Jim is not happy with my decision to weave through every road. The poor guy, but I showed no mercy.

I eat a simple dinner of collards, corn on the cob and a baked potato. It is delicious.

I relax the remainder of the evening, planning tomorrow’s adventures and reading before falling asleep early.

Saturday June 26, 2021

We decided yesterday that we would keep today pretty mellow.

Which involved me sleeping in, Jim taking the Berkley for him morning walk then coming back and making me a hot chocolate to enjoy while he cooked breakfast. 💜

After breakfast we hike the lakeside loop. A short easy 2 mile hike. Then walk to the visitor center to use the wifi. I had a system update that need to load and Jim wanted to download some books. It was super s l o w, but we accomplished our tasks.

I think we checked out about a minute before checkout time. That’s a good mellow morning. We head out of the park making one stop along the way for lunch, before entering Yellowstone NP.

It is cool here, in the 60’s. We get some fire wood and check into our campsite in the park at Grant Campground. The weather is perfect and we are going to grill a stake and corn on the cob for dinner and add a small side salad.

3 thoughts on “Grand Teton

  1. I feel like I am using the same descriptive words, but WHOA….so stunning. What an awesome campsite you had.

    We took a vacation to Yellowstone one year and drove through the Tetons. I had forgotten how majestic and beautiful they are.

    I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather!

    It sounds like you have found a great mix of exploring AND taking it easy…sometimes hard to do when there is so much to see and do around you.

    It sounds like y’all are eating really well! (…she said, as saliva dripped off her tongue.) That sounds like an awesome dinner.

    So nice to see another post in the inbox. After more than a few days since the last one, I was a little worried y’all had gotten lost in the woods…or gone off a cliff…or something. 😉 Since I know you are going to Yellowstone, now I’ll worry that you hiked on a path that was only a crust and fell through into a hot spring. Just a tip…don’t go skinny dipping in a hot spring off the trail. It might not end well. (I learned that from Dante’s Peak.)


    1. LOL thanks for the tip. No skinny in a hot spring for me.
      We enjoyed the cooler weather, but we sure did find some hot weather in Big Timber, MT. They are having some record highs up here. We have heard of some farm animals dying because of the drought and heat.


      1. I have heard similar stories out of Washington State and Vancouver. Those areas that don’t typically have those hot temps or A/C are having people and pets dying from the heat!

        Stay safe, dear friend, and enjoy the cool weather while you have it. I’m breathing a sigh of relief that you have no intentions of skinny dipping in a hot spring!

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