North Cascades NP

Tuesday July 13, 2021

After leaving Olympic NP we decide to see if we can take  the ferry from Port Townsend to Whidby Island which will save us hours of driving, plus it will be a new experience. The reservations are all full, but we were able to get on by standby. I was a little worried about putting the van on a ferry. But after arriving at the port and seeing semi trucks inline to board I felt much better about it. I thought it was pretty cheap at less than $20 for us to cross with the van.

While we were waiting for the  ferry to come in we took a short walk around the area. There were some pretty neat old building in the area.

Upon landing on Whidby Island we passed Deception Pass, unfortunately it was way to crowded for us to find a parking spot. That is another one of those spots that needs to be gotten to early in the morning. The state park was also full.

Jim has a friend who lives in the area. We meet up with Keith for pizza and beers. Then follow him back to his house on Big Lake in Mount Vernon. The guys enjoy more beer from the back deck.

We enter North Cascades NP and head to the first campground near the Newhelem Visitor Center. We find an open site even though the enterance sign says the campground is full. We walk up to the visitor center and it is closed. We later learn that the sites are by reservation only and any sites not booked 3 days in advance are free for first come first serve. We were shocked to hear this. Talk about lucky! So we have a camp spot for the next two nights free.

After settling in and having some lunch we hike down to the Skagit River. We enjoy the views and watch some fly fisherman for a spell. They don’t catch anything while we watch.

Wednesday July 15, 2021

I sleep in until almost 7am. What a treat. Then it is up and out the door with Berkley. He is quick today. When I get back I make some hot chocolate for myself and some tea for Jim. Later we have a grapefruit half each then the leftover sausage hash with eggs.

Today we hike the Trail of the Cedars, full of old growth and large cedar trees.

Thursday July 15, 2021

We are up and on the road early to explore more of the park.

We exit the park today to the west since there is a fire up ahead and highway 20 is closed. It is gives us an opportunity to stop in and see a dairy farm.

One thought on “North Cascades NP

  1. I’ve never heard of a Ghost pipe (and only showing itself for one week in the year – fascinating)! Really beautiful views on the Trail of the Cedars and what an exciting visit to the dairy farm … you had a bit of everything!

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